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AGEN4000 Palliative Care

AGEN4000 Palliative Care


Your case study will be required to answer the following questions.

1. Explain the different levels of palliative care needs for a patient with a life-limiting illness. Consider the illness trajectory for different diseases and identify when palliative care specialist services should be integrated. This section does not have to relate to Michelle’s story.

2. Define palliative care from end-of-life care and identify 2 (two) psychological and 3 (three) physical symptoms that Michelle, Peter, or other members of the family experience during the video.

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3. Using current evidence discuss the treatment approaches available to effectively manage these symptoms. Consider the relationship of the person(s) in the family and the age or impact upon other members of the family. Review this from a holistic point of view.Consider the concept of supportive communication in relation to Michelle.

4. What specific communication strategies did Dr Meredith North use to provide the news to Michelle and Pete about the progression of her illness?

5. What additional communication strategies could the oncologist use to improve this interaction? Select one of the tools described in the lecture material (i.e., PREPARED or SPIKES) to guide your discussion on the communication strategies

6. Thinking about the question that Michelle asked, “How long do you think I have to live?”, nurses working in palliative care are at risk of experiencing compassionate fatigue and emotional burnout related to their work. Describe one approach to prevent compassionate fatigue and burnout. Your answer does not have to be linked to Michelle. This question will also require you to think broadly and use knowledge you have obtained from other units in your undergraduate studies

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