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IT Capstone “Active Directory”

This is part 4 of a capstone project for IT.

The first 3 sections submitted plus the scenario is also provided.

(Scenario that project is based on)

• World-Wide Trading company (Scenario that project is based on)
o See page 7 for this part of the project

(First three sections submitted for this project)

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• Design requirements
• LAN VIOP Wireless
• Security

I am also providing a paper which was submitted from someone in the last class (same class but taken last term) as an example

• CMIT 495 Group 2 – Active Directory Design

AD Policies

My Deliverables

• Create Active directory policies to include recommended features

• Configure the Network Unlock feature deployed with group policy to automatically unlock BitLocker on wired workstations.

• Configure group policy to enforce Bitlocker encryption on used disk space only or full encryption when enabled.

• Group Policies will be created and deployed to uniformly apply settings to all workstations, servers, and users.

• Windows Firewall Policy
WWTC Active Directory Design

WWTC office at New York is largely autonomous and few IT personnel to take care of day-to-day IT support activities such as password resets troubleshoot virus problems. You are concerned about sensitive data store in this location. You want to deploy a highly developed OU structure to implement security policies uniformly through GPO automatically at all domains, OU, and workstations.
At this location Windows Server 2012 is required providing the following AD features:

• Use BitLocker encryption technology for devices (server and Work station) disc space and volume.
• Enables a BitLocker system on a wired network to automatically unlock the system volume during boot (on capable Windows Server 2012 networks), reducing internal help desk call volumes for lost PINs.
• Create group policies settings to enforce that either Used Disk Space Only or Full Encryption is used when BitLocker is enabled on a drive.

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