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Lately, market segmentation has become one of the essential tools in marketing. Market segmentation has been found to be vital in separating markets in a manner that enhances profitability without necessarily spending on sales resource as well as systems that are required for one-to-one marketing, (Tapp, 2009). According to the market segmentation theory, it could be beneficial to market a product to potential customers only. Moreover, a target market to which the product will be marketed should be identified. Consequently, this context, the term “market segmentation” is used to refer to grouping of markets or rather, consumers having common characteristics which make them to demand goods as well as services on the basis of traits those goods; for instance, function or price. For market segmentation to be undertaken first the segments should be measurable, so as to determine the cost marketing that will be incurred as well as the amount of goods to be supplied to each segment. Second, each segment should be accessible. Third, the segments should be substantial and lastly, there should be unique needs for each and every segment. This will enable the marketer to determine how these needs will be met depending on their nature.

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