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Flood Zones

– Water is essential for all living beings in life. Water is used for industrial purposes and it also maintains forests.

– According to the FEMA website, a 100 year flood is defined as the term “100-year flood” is misleading. It is not the flood that will occur once every 100 years. Rather, it is the flood elevation that has a 1-percent chance of being equaled or exceeded each year.” This means the probability of 1 % of rain occurring in any given year.

– The two different colours indicate the countries with their flood data available and the countries which do not have their flood data available.

– North and South Platte rivers.

– Cambridge and the other western parts.

– No, it does not surpise me that the western parts of Nebraska falls under the 100-year flood zone. This is so because the western parts have the confluences of many major rivers of the USA.

– Downstream.

– Because one part is near the influence of rivers and the other or the eastern part isn’t.

– Missisippi and Ohio rivers.

– Boston Bar, Angeleo Towhead and Sycamore street and the other northern parts.

– Cairo is prone to flooding because the rivers, Missippi and Ohio confluence at it.

– I think Cairo never developed despite it’s strategic location because it is a flood prone area and the floods that occur create great damage in the city.

– Missouri and Kansa rivers.

– St loius is developed along the western banks of the river Missouri and acts as a major port due to which it became an independent as well as a developed city.

– Pittsburgh and Utah. Yes, these two cities developed into larger cities as they became economically independent.

– Most of the north-eastern part of Owensboro is under the 100 year flood zone.

– i) I learned that water resources can benefit as well as destroy geography.
ii) I even learned what the 100-year flood meant and came to know about the areas under it.
iii) I also learned how rivers help in the development of cities.

– i) GIS helps us to make decisions with the help of information about the geographical factors such as terrain, river etc.
ii) It helps us know about locations and their importance or backwardness.
iii) It enables us to know not only about the geography of our own country but also about the entire world.

– The spatial perspective of flood zones improved my understanding of them as I got to know about the various areas falling under the category of flood zones and also got to know which rivers meet at different locations.

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