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Growing and Changing to Know the Real Self ‘’

Assignment Requirements

Title : ‘’ Growing and Changing to know the real self ‘’

Course : MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy
Module : Process Groups

– Relationship with yourself and other members of the group
– Theories about parallel process in the group( example: reflect internal and external )
– Theoretical framework group dynamics in your personal process

• Choose a specific theme relevant to your own experience within the group. Focus on this and discuss within a theoretical framework.

• Demonstrate specifically how your personal process has affected your professional learning and vice versa.
Students will address their own ability within the Dance Movement Psychotherapy Process Group Essay to:

Absorb and respond to peer feedback and critique

1.Self: Track development over time of their self-awareness and self-reflection

2.Others: Recognise personal and group thematic movement and dynamic material.

3.Tutor: Demonstrate your understanding of what the teacher/witnesses role was in relation to you, e.g. body counter/transference theory

4.Camera : Identify your relationship with the camera

5.Overall: Explore and integrate links between verbal and non-verbal themes as well as between internal and external processes. ( laban movement analysis )

6.And: Critically evaluate their learning needs.

Growing and Changing to Know the Real Self ‘’

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