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HLSC122 Evidence For Practice Assignment

HLSC122 Evidence For Practice Assignment



It is a professional and pragmatic requirement that all healthcare professionals have the necessary skills to deliver evidence based, critically appraised, best practice. As the practice of all health care professionals in some way relates to the wellness of others, the ability to source and critically consume relevant literature related to practice is critical for optimum outcomes. Skills developed in this unit are required to assist students to start building knowledge which will guide their future practice as a health care professional.
This unit provides foundational knowledge and skills for sourcing, appraising and reflecting on literature and information sources used in the health care environment. To assist health students to deliver evidence-based care, approaches to knowledge development in the health disciplines, including the generation of new knowledge, the refinement of practice and the delivery of quality care are explored. The application of research knowledge to the provision of evidence-based health care will be evaluated through a process of critical appraisal. The unit will introduce students to the concept of the 4 A’s of research – Awareness, Appreciation, Application and Ability. Students will also develop
fundamental skills for accessing information by asking a question, and using that question to search for, find, and evaluate information.
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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

1. identify health care situations and contexts where evidence-based practice can be applied;

2. critically discuss the factors which influence the use of evidence-based practice to deliver best management practices across a range of health care settings;

3. describe the range of information sources and levels of evidence to inform health practice;

4. demonstrate foundational level skills in accessing, appreciating and applying evidence from a range of sources to inform health practice;

5. apply information literacy capabilities to the construction of evidence-based practice.

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