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irony in Sure thing and los vendidos

1. Use appropriate manuscript form and follow MLA guidelines.

Margins should be set at one inch although the Microsoft Word default of one and one-quarter inch is acceptable.
Font must be 12 point Times New Roman.
Double space.
Do not use title pages or enclose papers in any type of folder.
Provide the appropriate header and pagination.
Appropriate MLA documentation should be included.
Titles of plays should be written in italics.
2. Employ standard, grammatically correct English.

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Use 3rd person.
Avoid slang and cliches.
3. Create an essay of 5 – 7 pages with an accompanying works cited page.

4. Provide quotes and/or paraphrases from primary (the literature) sources and secondary (research) sources
to support the points of the essay. Aim at the incorporation of quoted and/or paraphrased information in most body

5. Write strong body paragraphs of 8-12 sentences. (A quote can be your friend in achieving that number of sentences.)

For this essay:

Possible topics and approaches…

a formalist interpretation of a play
Relevant Elements of Drama
Character, point of view and theme in Jane Martin’s Rodeo.
A Study of One Author’s Use of a Specific Element, for instance, Character
Sophocles’ Antigone
Antigone and/or Creon as Tragic Hero
Ibsen’s Nora
Big Eight as an Example of Three Character Types (static, dynamic, and stock)
A Thematic Discussion of a Play or Plays
Feminist Messages in Trifles and Rodeo
A Question of Divine or Secular Authority in Antigone

A comparison of authors and/or time periods in their presentations of drama
Greek Drama vs. Twentieth Century Drama

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