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Mobile Application Development Technologies

Project Description
In the capacity of a CIO of a fast growing organization, you are looking to select a technology for your enterprise (related to the context of your research topic). You need to investigate your topic in order to recommend a system/technology solution to be used in the organization. For your assigned topic:
– Study the marketplace and shortlist three leading software technologies in this space
– Evaluate the shortlisted software technologies by means of comparison, covering at least the following areas: Functionality, Technology, Company, Financials.

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1) Functionality
– Compare feature and functionality module by module
– Compare the ability/flexibility of the system to accommodate customers business processes
2) Technology
– Compare the Technical Features such as Open vs. Close Platform, Security, Reporting, ease of
ASSIGNMENT: Research Project (Written Report and Presentation)
This assignment represents 30% of your total course work and measures the following learning outcome:
CLO3- Conduct advanced research on several current and emerging IS technologies and show how they can improve both operational and strategic decision making.
modification/customization, ease of use, ease of Implementation, availability of implementation and support resources
3) Company
– Compare the company/vendor strengths and weaknesses, including public vs. private, financial strength, years in business, number of employees working on the system, number of successful implementations, number of failed implementation, etc.
4) Financials
– Compare the TCO of the System over a period of 5 years including Software, Hardware,Networking, Implementation Cost, Maintenance cost and Operations cost

Research Topics

• Mobile applications development technologies

General Format of your project paper Cover page
Name, student number and email of each group member Name of the course
Name of the professor
This section summarizes the objectives of your project. For industry projects, it should include the organization’s mission, strategy and the element that will be analyzed in the project. It should also include the past and recent facts to support the significance of the research topic (maximum 1 page).
Topic Statement

In this section you are expected to describe in detail the context of the research. You will also highlight the questions that, in your opinion, are important for the field of the course and that need answers. In this section you will show a clear understanding of the topic you chose. (about 1⁄2 page)
This section describes and justifies the methods you selected to conduct your research. For instance, in the case of an empirical project based on questionnaire you will be required to describe the sample’s characteristics (average age, gender representation, number of employees, questionnaire used, and all other important characteristics). In the case of focused group interviews, describe the approach used. (about 1⁄2 – 1 page) etc.
This section will contain all the pertinent findings such as statistical information, process models, simulation results or interview content. (1-2 pages)
This section is very important as it reveals your advanced knowledge and critical thinking skills. You will essentially analyze the results of your study. You will show a clear understanding of the nature and significance of your findings. Discussions should be supported by grounded theory (about 1-2 pages).
Based upon the advanced critical analysis of your findings you will be required to provide recommendations that, in your opinion, will help improve the field. Justify why the solution is innovative (about 1-2 pages)
This section contains the summary of your findings. (about 1⁄2 – 1 page)

CUD/MBA647/Project/January2016 Management Information Systems Dr. Dorsaf
A list of the readings, books, articles, internet documents etc, used for the research project. Use the standards as suggested in your student handbook. Resources should be scientific and should not include Wikipedia, or Internet content without references.

Guidelines for your report submission
• Papers are to be typed (use a word processor, Times New Roman with font size 12) and single-spaced with double spacing between headings and paragraphs.
• The paper should run 12 to 15 pages inclusive of everything.
• One page should cover title, project authors and abstract.
• Abstract: The abstract summarizes your research. It will include the objectives, methodology and the findings. (about 150-300 words)
• All references must be cited in the bibliography and in the paper. Use a variety of sources for information and arguments. If you use articles from the Web, give the URL and the organization sponsoring the site. There’s a lot of junk and unsupported opinion on the Web. Pay attention to quality of your sources. You need to cite at least 8 journal/conference MIS papers, at least 2 books, at least 4 web resources.
• For any additional information you may add an appendix page (last) to specify the date(s) and location(s) of the interview(s) for example and list all people present at the interview(s). (if applicable)

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