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NR 708 Health Policy

NR 708 Week 1 Bundle: Discussion Solutions

NR 708 Week 1 Discussion 1: Health Policy Framework

Identify and discuss a problem that you have encountered in your current role. Also, please identify how the problem can be … into a policy issue.

As we are heading into the first discussion question, it is important to analyze our current health policy frameworks. How can you relate this to your current role? What problems have you encountered? How can obtaining your DNP help with these problems in the current framework?

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NR 708 Week 1 Discussion 2: Nursing Advocacy

In the second discussion question, we are discussing the difference between being a patient advocate and a nursing advocate. I encourage you to take a moment and look back over your career. Are you a true nursing advocate? Were you taught those skills?

NR 708 Week 2 Bundle: Discussion Solutions

NR-708 Week 2 Discussion 1: Healthcare Economics and Nursing Practice

Differentiate macroeconomic versus microeconomic healthcare conditions that impact a healthcare stakeholder. (patient, family, nurse, or other identified stakeholder) from a nursing perspective derived from your practice experience.

NR 708 Week 2 Discussion 2: Impact of Socioeconomic and Sociopolitical Factors on Healthcare Finance and Nursing Practice

Differentiate socioeconomic versus sociopolitical factors that impact healthcare finance and have either a positive or negative impact on a selected healthcare stakeholder. (patient, family, nurse, or other identified stakeholder). Phrase your response from a nursing perspective derived from your practice experience.

NR 708 Week 3 Bundle: Discussion Solutions

NR 708 Week 3 Discussion 1: Problem Solving in Today’s Healthcare World

Identify a current healthcare policy in your current role that you would like to see revised. Why? What would be the projected outcomes?

NR 708 Week 3 Discussion 2: Stakeholders in Health Policy

Take the identified healthcare policy from thread one. Identify both obvious and non-obvious stakeholders. Also identify stakeholders that you have the potential to influence.

NR 708 Week 4 Bundle: Discussion Solutions

NR-708 Week 4 Policy Analysis Project Interview Guide Form

NR 708 Week 4 Discussion 1: Nursing Legislation and Nursing Practice

Identify a political issue or agenda in health care. How would you formalize support to advance this agenda?

NR 708 Week 4 Discussion 2: Nursing Advocacy and Professional Identity (Leadership Role) Formation

Give an example of how a nurse can affect public policy in various appointed positions. What aspects of professional identity (leadership role) formation would you anticipate acquiring for such positions?

NR 708 Week 5 Bundle: Discussion Solutions

NR-708 Week 5 Discussion  1: Changes in Healthcare Policy

What do you believe is the most important factor in successful change initiatives?

NR 708 Week 5 Discussion  2: Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act was set in place in 2010 when President Obama passed a law requiring all Americans, individuals, and families to … covered with health insurance within an allotted period. The reason for the ACA was to improve access to healthcare, patient safety outcomes, and quality of care provided (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw & O’Grady, 2016). With the implementation of ACA, there were stipulations that insurance companies (IC) were … to provide coverage for all patients regardless of their health illnesses. With all Americans signing up for health insurance, it meant that healthcare organizations would … providing care to a large number of patients that have not received or seek adequate for years because they were uninsured.

NR 708 Week 6 Bundle: Assignment plus Discussions

NR-708 Week 6 Assignment: Power Dynamics Paper

NR 708 Week 6 Discussion 1: Special Interest Groups and Coalitions

Differentiate between special interest groups and coalitions. Do you belong to one of these? Do you feel that you should belong to one of these? Why or Why not?

Do you belong to either? How does these differ from a political action committee? Which of the three are the most powerful? Do you feel that they exert more illegitimate or legitimate power?

NR-708 Week 6 Discussion 2: Nursing Organizations

Distinguish the pros and cons that often result from various regulatory agency policies on the nursing practice environment.

NR 708 Week 7 Bundle: Discussion Solutions

NR 708 Week 7 Discussion 1: Community Health Policy

What can … done to direct the planning of disaster policy to be more proactive instead of retroactive?

NR 708 Week 7 Discussion 2: Improving Community Outcomes

For a community to improve its health, its members must often change aspects of the physical, social, organizational, and even political environments to eliminate or reduce factors that contribute to health problems or to introduce new elements that promote better health. What are the challenges of initiating and maintaining change in communities?

NR 708 Week 8 Bundle: Reflection plus Discussion

NR 708 Week 8 You Decide Reflection of Health Policy

NR-708 Week 8 Discussion: Professional Organizations

I want to encourage you to think about any professional organizations that you belong to. Do they lobby for your best interests? What are the pros? … are the cons? What is the price of membership? Do you feel that the benefits are worth the cost?

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