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NUR251 Medical-Surgical Nursing

NUR251 Medical-Surgical Nursing


Contribution to overall grade: 40%Assessment 2 is the only written academic assignment in NUR251 for students to demonstrate them:

1. Are developing the ability to locate, interpret, integrate, synthesize and apply nursing knowledge from NUR251 to a relevant nursing practice scenario in medical-surgical settings

2. Are developing appropriate critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and sound clinical decision-making processes and strategies essential for safe, evidence-based, and competent nursing practice in medical-surgical settings

3. Are able to focus their attention on the needs of the individual patient as the key concern of nursing practice in medical-surgical settings

4. Are able to explain and justify or defend their nursing care decisions

5. Have a developing understanding of the role and scope of practice of the registered nurse in the Australian health care context

6. Are progressing towards the level of professional written communication required for nursing practice in Australia

7. Are demonstrating ethical and professional practice by adhering to the University’s academic integrity standards and plagiarism policy

For each assessment you have identified explain:

1. Why it is necessary for the patient’s condition and nursing care?

2. What consequences can occur if this assessment is not completed accurately?

3. What chart or document could you use to assist with/record your assessments?

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