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Using the information presented in the Learning Resources as a guide, consider the linkages and interrelationships of the conceptual concepts for the theory you identified for this week’s Discussion. What relational statements could be articulated? Create a concept map demonstrating the linkages and interrelationships of the theoretical concepts. Include a clear problem and purpose statement. Express relational statements linking the concepts, literally and diagrammatically. You may use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or another software application of your choice; however, if you use a product that is not part of the Microsoft Office Suite, you must be able to save it as a PDF or RTF file. Include references from the literature to support your work. Here is the Rubric Assignment Evaluation Criteria: NURS 8110 Philosophy of Nursing Paper (5 points) Consider how nursing’s philosophical foundations influence your nursing practice and your personal philosophy. Then, write a 6- to 7-page paper that:  Articulates your philosophy of nursing identifying the philosophical influences and summarizing how this week’s readings influenced your views/beliefs. (1 point)  Explains how nursing’s philosophical foundations influence your nursing practice and provides at least two specific examples. (2 points)  Answers the question: What is the relationship between philosophy and knowledge development? How is this evidenced in your nursing philosophy or practice? (1 point)  Outlines how positivism and post-positivism influences approaches to nursing science (including research methods) and nursing practice as well as your own personal philosophy. (1 point) This assignment is due by Day 7 of Week 2. Note: Up to 1 point may be deducted for grammar, spelling, and/or APA errors. Concept Analysis in the Literature (5 points) Explore the literature on a selected practice issue of interest to you. Write a 2- to 3-page paper that summarizes the steps of the concept analysis process utilized in each article. Include in your summary the following information:  What is the definition of the concept? (2 points)  How could or does the definition differ from its use in nursing and health care versus in other disciplines? (1 point)  What characteristics define the concept? How do these apply to nursing and clinical practice? (2 points)

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