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Capstone project writing is a requirement for every nurse who graduates. Students in the nursing profession complete a capstone project in the form of an academic paper in which they conduct original research to answer a question or solve an issue of their own choosing. Nursing students are expected to generate substantial, well-researched content for their capstone projects. The work should demonstrate an in-depth familiarity with the topic and make use of an evidence-based analytical strategy.

Capstone projects are often completed at the end of a nursing student’s formal studies. Case studies, program evaluations, and even policy assessments can all be included in capstone projects.

The purpose of a capstone project in the healthcare field is to identify a problem and propose solutions. Because of the need for evidence-based solutions, this project will require extensive research into a specific area of the subject. Sometimes, it’s necessary for a student to give a talk in front of the class. A high level of quality is expected in the writing.

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What to Consider when Selecting Your Nursing Capstone Topic

It’s not a good idea to have too many potential topics from which to choose. In fact, one shouldn’t spend too much time deliberating about the topic they need to pick, as doing so is just as bad as having no topic at all. You shouldn’t rush the process of choosing a topic, though. Deal with the situation calmly and thoughtfully, focusing exclusively on ideas that are directly related to your area of clinical expertise. Capstone papers in nursing are expected to present a case about a topic that is of interest to the student and the professor. As part of this process, nursing students should evaluate not only their skills but also their personal qualities and the area of nursing they want to specialize in.

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