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Friedrich Froebel and Margaret McMillan’s theories of out door play

Friedrich Froebel and Margaret McMillan’s theories of out door play

Theoretical analysis of an aspect of practice today in early childhood education nurseries and analyse its historical roots. -The aspect of practice is “playing outdoor in the natural world”. -The theoretical and historical analysis is based on Friedrich Froebel’s theory (1782-1852) and Margaret McMillan’s theory (1860-1931) on outdoor play and playing in the natural world.

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PLEASE USE SOME QUOTATIONS FOR BOTH THEORISTS. -The aim of the essay is to explore the practice of outdoor play and playing in the natural world for children in nurseries nowadays and analyse its theoretical and historical significance. -I upload the essay plan for you to follow. PLEASE FOLLOW THE SAME STRUCTURE*** -Please write an abstract page of 50 words as well for this essay. -You have to use the sources listed in the bibliography at the final page of the plan. IF YOU CANNOT GAIN ACCESS TO SOME OF THE SOURCES PLEASE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL SEND YOU THE RIGHT LINKS OR ATTACH THEM TO YOU. but please do not use general websites unless it is listed in the bibliography i gave you. It is for a Master level* we are only allowed to use reliable academic sources. If you have to use some more sources outside the list provided, please make sure they are reliable and based on scholarly work. -I also attach to you 4 articles in a pdf version for you to use and reference. -Use page numbers when referencing as well. -PLEASE AVOID DESCRIPTIVE WORK AND USE CRITICAL ANALYSIS.

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