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NUR 3805 The school nurse must be certified in CHN

NUR 3805 The school nurse must be certified in CHN
NUR 3805 Dimensions of Professional Practice
Chapter 1 Quiz
Question 10
Which of the following statements explains why the school nurse of today is truly a community health nurse?
The school nurse may be called on to care for a student’s family members in underserved areas.
The school nurse’s primary responsibility is centered on the well child.
The school nurse’s primary responsibility is to maintain immunization records
The school nurse must be certified in CHN.

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NUR 3805 The school nurse must be certified in CHN
A school nurse works with school-aged children in a school setting. School nurses have a variety of responsibilities and are a vital part of the educational system.
This career guide will take a closer look at all aspects of school nurses and help guide individuals interested in following this path of nursing
Students experiencing illness or injury during the school day or at after-school activities will report to the school nurse for further care.
School nurses are responsible for assessing these students and determining if a higher level of care is needed.
While a school nurse is a Registered Nurse and can be employed in a variety of settings – School Nurses work primarily in the educational setting, they generally are found in public or private elementary school, middle school, or high school.
Some colleges and universities employ school nurses for their campus health programs. School nurses can also be found at vocational schools or juvenile correction facilities.
The salary range for a school nurse can be deceiving and vary greatly state to state and even within the same county in a state. Depending on the work location this will impact pay. Some school districts pay according to the same scale as a teacher’s salary – these nurses are generally Certified School Nurses (see below). Others (with only a RN) pay an hourly rate. Even though school nurses report at a state level, the pay scale is not the same across a state.
According to the average hourly rate for a school nurse is $26.90 while the yearly income is $46,635. Current information regarding the exact pay of a school nurse is much lower than the BLS report. It is important to remember when looking at places of employment to determine the exact pay scale and increase scale. NUR 3805 The school nurse must be certified in CHN
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides salary figures for all registered nurses combined rather than for particular specializations. As of the May 2019 BLS report, the mean hourly wage for registered nurses, in general, was $35.24 while the average annual salary was $73,300, though conditions vary by area.

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