Nursing Practicum Essay Help

A nursing practicum assignment is an undertaking by nursing students that entails the live application of one’s nursing knowledge and skills in real-life situations and events. It offers the student the opportunity of utilizing their theoretical and practical abilities to compose a paper that is able to highlight their entire learning process. The practicum experience provides students with a significant opportunity of cultivating their professional growth and development.

When composing the nursing practicum, it is important that the students ensures they address the following aspects:

Learning Objectives: Ensure to start early and begin by highlighting the specific skills, competencies and activities that you wish to address during your practicum.

Place: Ensure that you are able to identify specific units or departments that help you to meet your learning needs. Ideally, this will be important in assisting you to identify your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the most ideal specialty that you can concentrate with.

Person (Mentor): Your mentor is the primary person throughout your practicum journey. It is therefore essential that you ensure that you are in constant communication with them. The nature of your engagement ought to be negotiated between you and the mentor, with the approval of your course instructor.

Time: Time is an essential aspect of any practicum. You need to promptly plan and allocate your time to ensure that you are able to achieve the required practicum hours.

NB/ Always remember that you should start thinking about your practicum early in your graduate program. Early efforts will always help the practicum journey to be a smooth experience.