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Qualitative report

Qualitative report

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There are three main sections to a Research Proposal:
1 The Introduction / Background to the Problem
2 A Literature review
3 Proposed Research Methodology.

In this assignment you are required to analyse and evaluate each of the sections above in order to acquire a deeper understanding of each of the individual elements and also to appreciate the linkages and connections between them.

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The topic of this paper is: ?The challenges faced by the television industry and the adoption of new strategies (This problem statement can be reformulate).

??In a context of revolution of content offer and emergence of new methods of dissemination, new markets are conquerable and new chalenges surge. As new trends are shaping the television industry, how the film industry can adapt to overcome those challenges?

Specifically you are required to:
1) Write a clearly defined “Problem Statement” (in one sentence) within a 500 word “Background to the Problem” section and a potential Research Question that addresses the Problem Statement (20%)

2) Analyse the main elements that go into the development of a literature review comparing and contrasting the strengths and weaknesses of the main structural methodologies employed in its construction ( distant to close, chronological, topical etc). Finally explain why the concept of “synthesis” is crucial to the successful development of a literature review. (40%)

3) Evaluate the relative merits of primary and secondary data analysis. How can the concept of “mixed method triangulation” help to enrich research findings and analysis? Assess when it may be appropriate to employ a “Case Study” methodology. Analyse some of the strengths and shortcomings of the case study approach. (40%)

Key words:
Analyse and evaluate, ?Compare and contrast, ?Synthesis,?Enrich, ?Assess.

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