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Visual Rhetoric in Print Ads

Visual Rhetoric in Print Ads

First Paper Requirements:
Visual rhetoric is the persuasive use of images to construct meaning or an argument. In regards to advertisements, companies use visual rhetoric to influence consumers to buy their products. For this paper, you will analyze the use of visual rhetoric in print advertisements.
I. Study print advertisements for one type of product (e.g., cars, cosmetics, cigarettes, alcohol, food) to draw inferences about the visual rhetoric techniques used to sell that product. Remember that the more advertisements you study, the more support you have for you inferences. You should study at least 10 advertisements.

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You cannot use commercials for this paper.
II. The thesis should articulate the purpose of the paper; that purpose should be linked to the idea of visual rhetoric—the use of images to persuade consumers.
III. The thesis should state which visual rhetoric techniques you are using to analyze the pictures. There are five techniques: Models, camera techniques, eye gaze, props, and setting.
Specific Requirements:

The paper should be 800-1200 words
– You will not use outside sources, except the advertisement pictures.
– The paper should be times new roman, 12 point font, and double spaced.
– Paragraphs should have one topic sentence
– Underline your thesis statement and topic sentence
– Works Cited Page (for the ten advertisements)
o Consult your textbook for help
o This website is also useful:
Or, you can use
-visual rhetoric powerpoint
-chapter 5
-review files under week 1

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