HSCO 506 Hawkins and Clinton Book Review Example Essay

HSC 506 Hawkins and Clinton Book Review Example EssayHSCO 506 Hawkins and Clinton Book Review Assignment Brief

Assignment Title: Book Review of “The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach” by Hawkins & Clinton

Assignment Instructions Overview:

In this assignment, you will be tasked with completing a book review of “The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach” by Hawkins & Clinton. The objective is to analyze and understand the key concepts presented in the book, explore the integration of psychology and Christian spirituality, and consider how these concepts can be applied in a human services counseling setting. Your review will consist of three main sections: Summary, Analysis, and Application.

Understanding the HSCO 506 Hawkins and Clinton Book Review Assignment:

This assignment is designed to assess your understanding of the key concepts presented in the book, your ability to analyze the integration approach used by the authors, and your capacity to apply these concepts to a real-world human services counseling setting.

The Student’s Role:

As a student undertaking this assignment, your responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Thoroughly read and comprehend “The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh Biblical and Transformational Approach” by Hawkins & Clinton.
  2. Select the 8–10 most important concepts from the book and summarize them clearly in the Summary section.
  3. Analyze Hawkins & Clinton’s integration approach, identifying the integration model it aligns with and discussing the relationship between psychological and spiritual issues.
  4. Apply the concepts from the book to a human services counseling setting, considering the unique challenges mentioned in the provided description of a typical day in such a setting.
  5. Ensure that your assignment is well-structured, organized, and follows the prescribed formatting instructions for clarity and coherence.
  6. Provide thoughtful and evidence-based insights, utilizing the knowledge and understanding gained from the course materials and the book.


Hawkins and Clinton’s book, “The New Christian Counselor: A Fresh and Biblical and Transformational Approach,” offers valuable insights for Christian counselors seeking to integrate psychology with the teachings of the Bible. This book serves as a comprehensive guide, defining Christian counseling and laying out essential principles that underpin the approach.

One of the central concepts emphasized by Hawkins and Clinton is the idea of transformational Christian counseling. They view it as a collaborative process involving the client, the counselor, and the intervention of God. The primary objective of Christian counseling, as presented in this book, is to facilitate transformational changes in individuals, leading to improved outcomes within society.

A pivotal concept in this approach is the “client’s cry of the soul.” It involves active and accurate listening to the client’s experiences, ensuring that they recognize the brokenness caused by sin in their lives. The book details various processes that guide the counselor in addressing the core sources of the client’s pain and suffering.

Furthermore, Hawkins and Clinton propose a unique approach to addressing anxiety. Unlike clinical approaches that often involve collaborative treatment plans, the authors advocate for prayers, imitative learning, and a focus on the good. In essence, their transformational Christian counseling approach is holistic, bridging the worlds of psychology, the church, and the word of God to enable individuals to accept the truth and experience the transformative grace of the Lord.

Analysis of Hawkins and Clinton’s Integration Approach

The process of selecting and practicing integration models that seek to bridge the gap between Christianity and psychology is often complex and multifaceted (Turton, 2003). Hawkins and Clinton’s approach in “The New Christian Counselor” appears to align with what can be termed the Allies Paradigm approach. This approach places Christ at the center, portraying Him as the sovereign leader in all circumstances, and emphasizes God’s role as the administrator of our lives and the source of divine inspiration.

Furthermore, Hawkins and Clinton apply the Allies Paradigm model throughout their book in processes such as problem diagnosis, goal setting, assessment, and the execution of transformational Christian counseling. Within these processes, the authors explore issues related to the client’s sins, struggles, and limitations. Following this approach, individuals come to accept Christ’s love, leading to positive transformations as they engage with their cry of the soul.

Hawkins and Clinton’s stance is that psychological and spiritual issues are intricately connected since God is the creator of both the psychological and spiritual realms. Embracing Christ’s identity and authority becomes essential for clients, and in this regard, psychological theory and research play a significant role in empowering clients to accept God’s unchanging love.

Application of Hawkins and Clinton’s Approach to a Human Service Setting

As a counselor working in a faith-based institution, I would prioritize recognizing the client’s “cry of the soul.” It is essential to attentively listen to their needs and offer them hope, acknowledging the hurt from their past and helping them identify the obstacles they have faced. Building on the concept of “possessing the soul,” I would guide clients toward finding true refuge in Christ.

Imitative learning is a powerful tool to bring clients closer to God by helping them redirect their focus toward positive aspects of life. The application of Hawkins and Clinton’s perception model, integrating counseling knowledge with spirituality and theology, becomes indispensable when working with clients facing psychological challenges. This approach would enable me to seek guidance and wisdom from God to determine suitable treatment methods, fostering deeper and more meaningful counseling sessions.

The concept of affection, epitomized by Christ’s love for His people, is crucial when counseling individuals with mental illnesses. Recognizing the importance of Christ’s love, regardless of the client’s presentation, and practicing affection by demonstrating care and compassion can facilitate positive change and transformation.

In conclusion, “The New Christian Counselor” by Hawkins and Clinton offers a holistic approach to counseling that integrates psychology, Christian spirituality, and biblical principles. The book’s emphasis on transformation, active listening to the client’s needs, and the power of God’s love provides valuable tools for Christian counselors working in various settings, including human service agencies. This approach enables counselors to bring hope, healing, and transformation to individuals facing psychological and spiritual challenges.

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