How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

Although a nursing essay is similar to other types of essays, many students find themselves unprepared to write one. However, more than most writing, it needs attention to detail, scientific accuracy, rigorous research, and well-sourced citations while clearly presenting an idea. The most effective way to tackle a difficult task is to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks, and writing a nursing essay is no different from writing any other essay. Following these steps will help you produce an excellent nursing essay.

The Best Way How to Write a Good Nursing Essay

Writing a good nursing essay usually involves adhering to several key practices, including:

  1. Starting by carefully reading the prompt and understanding what the essay is asking you to do.
  2. Making an outline to organize your thoughts and structure your essay.
  3. Use clear and concise language, and avoid using unnecessary jargon.
  4. Using concrete examples to support your points and make your essay more interesting.
  5. Making sure to proofread your essay for spelling and grammar errors.
  6. Cite any sources you use to support your points and to demonstrate that you have done your research.
  7. Concluding your essay by summarizing your main points and reiterating your thesis.
  8. Following any specific guidelines provided by your instructors, such as the length and formatting requirements.

By following these steps, you can write a well-written nursing essay that presents a clear and well-supported argument.

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A Definition of What Is a Nursing Essay

A nursing essay is a type of academic writing that focuses on the various aspects of nursing, such as the history of nursing, nursing theories and practices, and the role of nurses in the healthcare system. Nursing essays may be written as part of a course requirement for a nursing program or as part of a scholarship application or job application process. They may also be written as a way for nurses to reflect on their own practice and share their experiences with others in the field. Nursing essays may cover a wide range of topics, including patient care, ethical issues in nursing, nursing research, and leadership in the nursing profession.

The Purpose of Writing a Nursing Essay

The purpose of writing a nursing essay can vary depending on the context in which it is written and the goals of the person who is writing it. Some common purposes for writing a nursing essay might include:

  • To demonstrate an understanding of a specific nursing concept or theory: Nursing essays can be used as a way for students to demonstrate their understanding of a particular nursing concept or theory.
  • To explore a current issue or trend in nursing: Nursing essays can be used to examine and discuss current issues or trends in the field of nursing.
  • To present a well-supported argument: Nursing essays can be used to present a well-supported argument on a particular topic or issue.
  • To demonstrate research and critical thinking skills: Nursing essays can be used to demonstrate the ability to conduct research, analyze and interpret data, and think critically about a particular topic.
  • To contribute to the nursing literature: Nursing essays can be used to add to the body of knowledge in the field of nursing by presenting new research findings or ideas.

Overall, the goal of writing a nursing essay is to help people understand and improve nursing practices by looking into and analyzing important issues and ideas. Nursing essays can be written as part of a course assignment, as part of a research project, or as part of a professional development program. They may be written for a variety of audiences, including fellow nurses, nursing students, and healthcare professionals from other disciplines. The goal of a nursing essay is to explore a topic in-depth and provide a well-supported and well-argued analysis of the issue at hand.

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Different/Common Types of Nursing Essay Papers

There are many different types of nursing essays that a student or professional nurse might be asked to write. Some common types of nursing essays include:

  • Narrative nursing essays: These essays involve telling a story or describing an experience. They might be used to describe a patient’s case or to illustrate a specific nursing concept.
  • Compare and contrast nursing essays: These essays involve comparing and contrasting two or more ideas, concepts, or theories. They could be used to look at the differences between two ways of practicing nursing or to compare how well different treatments work.
  • Nursing research papers: These papers involve conducting original research on a particular topic and presenting the findings in a structured, logical format. They could be used to find out how well a new nursing intervention works or to look at a trend in nursing practice.
  • Persuasive nursing essays: These essays are used to persuade the reader to take a particular position on an issue. They could be used to argue for a change in the way nurses do their jobs or to show how important a certain nursing idea is.
  • Nursing review papers: These papers involve reviewing and synthesizing the existing research on a particular topic. They could be used to find out how much is known about a certain nursing issue or to find out where more research is needed.
  • Nursing case studies: These papers present a detailed analysis of a specific patient or nursing situation.
  • Nursing reflective essays: These papers involve the writer reflecting on their own experiences and learning in the field of nursing.

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay, Paragraph by Paragraph

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay Introduction

The introduction of a nursing essay is an important section that sets the stage for the rest of the paper. A good introduction should grab the reader’s attention, provide some background information on the topic, and clearly state the main points or arguments that will be discussed in the essay. Here are some tips for writing a good nursing essay introduction:

  • Begin with an attention-grabber: Start your introduction with a question, a quote, a statistic, or a bold statement that will grab the reader’s attention and make them want to read on.
  • Give some background information: Give the reader a sense of what your essay is about by giving a short summary of the main ideas or issues you will be discussing.
  • Clearly state your thesis: The thesis is the main argument or point of your essay. Make sure to state it clearly and concisely in your introduction.
  • Outline the main points: Let the reader know what to expect by outlining the main points or arguments that you will be discussing in your essay.
  • Keep it concise: The introduction should be brief and to the point. Aim for no more than a couple of paragraphs.

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs of a nursing essay are the main part of the paper and should support the thesis statement. Each paragraph should focus on a specific point or argument and provide evidence to support it. Here are some tips for writing good nursing essay body paragraphs:

  1. Start with a clear topic sentence: Each paragraph should begin with a clear topic sentence that introduces the main point or argument of the paragraph.
  2. Provide evidence to support your argument: Use examples, research findings, and other evidence to support the points you are making. Be sure to properly cite any sources you use.
  3. Explain and analyze the evidence: Simply presenting evidence is not enough. You should also explain how the evidence supports your main point and analyze its implications for nursing practice.
  4. Use transitions: Use transitional phrases to link your paragraphs together and help the reader follow your argument.
  5. Vary your sentence structure: Avoid monotony by using a variety of sentence structures in your body paragraphs.
  6. Make sure your paragraphs are coherent: Each paragraph should have a clear focus and be well-organized. Avoid jumping from one point to another without clear transitions.
  7. Keep it concise: The body paragraphs should give a thorough look at your topic, but they should also be short and avoid giving too much information.

Overall, the key to writing good body paragraphs for your nursing essay is to make clear, well-supported arguments, back up your points with evidence, and make sure your paragraphs are well-organized and make sense.

How to Write a Good Nursing Essay Conclusion

The conclusion of a nursing essay is the final section of the paper and should summarize the main points and arguments presented in the essay. A good conclusion should leave a lasting impression on the reader and demonstrate the significance of the topic. Speculating on where the research could go next or asking a thought-provoking question are also great ways to wrap up a conclusion. Here are some tips for writing a good nursing essay conclusion:

  • Summarize the main points: Review the main points or arguments of your essay in a concise manner.
  • Emphasize the significance of your topic: Make it clear to the reader why your topic is important and how it relates to the field of nursing.
  • End with a strong closing statement: Leave the reader with a memorable final thought that ties together the main points of your essay.
  • Avoid introducing new information: The conclusion is not the place to introduce new ideas or arguments. Stick to summarizing the main points of your essay.
  • Keep it concise: Like the introduction, the conclusion should be brief and to the point. Aim for no more than a couple of paragraphs.

A Good Nursing Essay Outline to Use in Writing

A good nursing essay outline can help you organize your thoughts and ideas and make the writing process more efficient. Here is a sample outline that you can use as a guide when writing a nursing essay:


  • Attention-grabber
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement
  • Outline of main points

Body Paragraph 1

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Analysis
  • Transition to the next point

Body Paragraph 2

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Analysis
  • Transition to the next point

Body Paragraph 3

  • Topic sentence
  • Supporting evidence
  • Analysis
  • Transition to conclusion


  • Summary of main points
  • Emphasis on the significance of the topic
  • Closing statement

This outline is just a suggestion and can be modified to fit the specific needs of your essay. The key is to have a clear structure that helps you present your ideas in a logical and well-supported manner.

Good Nursing Essay Topics Ideas

There are many different topics that can be explored in a nursing essay. Some good nursing essay topic ideas might include:

  1. The role of nurses in patient advocacy
  2. Ethical considerations in nursing practice
  3. The impact of technology on nursing practice
  4. The impact of cultural diversity on nursing practice
  5. The use of alternative therapies in nursing
  6. The challenges and rewards of being a nurse
  7. The impact of nursing shortages on patient care
  8. The role of nurses in disaster response and preparedness
  9. The impact of social determinants of health on nursing practice
  10. The use of evidence-based practice in nursing
  11. The role of nurses in promoting public health
  12. The role of nurses in patient education
  13. The nursing shortage and its effects on patient care
  14. The role of nurses in end-of-life care
  15. The impact of stress and burnout on nurses
  16. The use of simulation in nursing education

These are just a few examples, and there are many other topics that could be explored in a nursing essay. You can pick one topic idea outright from the list or use it to spark ideas for your own. The key is to choose a topic that is interesting and relevant to the field of nursing and that allows you to conduct a thorough and well-supported analysis.

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