Personal Worldview in Nursing Essay Example to Guide You

Personal Worldview in Nursing Essay ExamplePersonal Worldview in Nursing Essay Assignment Brief

Assignment Title: Personal Worldview in Nursing Practice: A Christian Perspective

Assignment Overview:

In this assignment, you will explore the concept of a personal worldview and its integration into nursing practice. You will critically examine your personal worldview, including its religious, spiritual, and cultural elements, and consider how these elements shape your philosophy of nursing practice and your approach to patient care. Furthermore, you will select a nursing theory that aligns with your personal worldview and discuss the similarities between them. You will explain how this nursing theory reinforces your approach to care. Additionally, you will provide a specific example from your past or current nursing practice and illustrate how your worldview and the selected nursing theory could assist you in resolving a relevant issue. Finally, you will discuss how your personal worldview and the chosen nursing theory will contribute to the development of your future nursing practice.

The Student’s Role:

As a nursing student, your role in this assignment is to:

  • Describe Your Personal Worldview: Begin by elucidating your personal worldview, which encompasses your beliefs, values, and ethical principles. Consider the religious, spiritual, and cultural elements that significantly influence your personal philosophy of practice and your attitude toward patient care.
  • Select a Relevant Nursing Theory: Choose a specific nursing theory that best aligns with your personal worldview and your approach to patient care. Explain the key aspects of this nursing theory and how it reinforces your approach to patient care.
  • Provide a Practical Example: Offer a specific example from your past or current nursing practice that represents a challenge or issue. Explain how your personal worldview and the selected nursing theory could assist you in resolving this issue. Discuss how applying your worldview and the theory’s principles can lead to a more effective solution.
  • Reflect on Future Practice: Share your insights on how your personal worldview and the chosen nursing theory will guide and shape your future nursing practice. Consider how these perspectives will influence your decision-making, patient interactions, and contributions to the nursing profession.
  • Support with Credible Sources: Utilize a minimum of five to ten credible sources published within the last five years to support your arguments and perspectives. These sources should be relevant to the assignment criteria and nursing content.
  • APA 7th Edition Style: Ensure that you format your assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA 7th edition Style Guide. An abstract is not required for this assignment.


A personal worldview is the lens through which an individual perceives and interprets the world around them. It encompasses various elements, including religious, spiritual, and cultural beliefs, which significantly influence one’s philosophy of practice and attitude toward patient care in the nursing profession. This essay explores my personal worldview, rooted in Christianity, and its alignment with the Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson. The paper also examines how this worldview and nursing theory can guide me in resolving nursing practice issues, and how they will continue to shape my future as a nurse.

My Worldview

My personal worldview is deeply rooted in Christianity, which serves as the foundation for my beliefs, ethics, and actions. As a Christian, I believe that God is the Creator, and His divine plan shapes the world. This worldview emphasizes the importance of serving God and adhering to the moral principles outlined in the Bible, particularly the Ten Commandments. It is this belief system that fundamentally influences how I perceive the nursing profession and my role within it.

Christianity teaches me that I am here to serve God by serving others, and nursing provides a practical avenue for me to fulfill this calling. The Bible guides me in understanding how to live a life of purpose and integrity, aligning my actions with God’s will. While my Christian worldview forms the core of my beliefs, I acknowledge that external factors such as societal norms and the healthcare environment also influence my nursing practice. These external influences help shape the standards and guidelines that guide my decision-making as a nurse.

Personal Worldview and the Theory of Human Caring

The Theory of Human Caring, developed by Jean Watson, resonates deeply with my Christian worldview. This theory emphasizes the centrality of caring in nursing practice and aligns with my belief that serving others is a fundamental aspect of my Christian faith. Watson’s theory posits that nursing success is rooted in the act of caring, fostering a sense of compassion and kindness towards patients to achieve optimal outcomes (Butts & Karen, 2018; Huff, et al., 2015).

Watson’s theory presents ten curative factors that encapsulate the essence of caring. These factors include embracing patients, offering care when needed, nurturing trust, acknowledging patients’ beliefs and culture, practicing forgiveness, integrating evidence-based practice, maintaining a balance between personal and patient needs, creating a healing environment, respecting human dignity, and remaining open to possibilities (Butts & Karen, 2018).

These curative factors align seamlessly with my personal worldview, emphasizing the importance of compassion, empathy, and respect in patient care. They provide a solid foundation for nursing practice, ensuring that my care is holistic, patient-centered, and spiritually aligned with my Christian faith.

Development of Future Practice

The Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson, in conjunction with my Christian worldview, equips me with valuable tools for developing my future nursing practice. It fosters humility by reminding me that I do not possess all the answers and that my practice is influenced by various factors such as knowledge, circumstances, and the environment.

One crucial aspect of my worldview is the belief that every individual, including patients, should be treated with respect and dignity. This principle, in harmony with Watson’s theory, compels me to provide care in a manner that I would want to receive. Interpersonal relationships play a pivotal role in nursing practice, facilitating healing through compassionate care.

I am committed to offering the best care possible to patients, ensuring the best possible outcomes for their treatment. This commitment aligns with my Christian expectation to serve others selflessly. My worldview and Watson’s theory drive me to make rational and ethical decisions, affirm the concept of humanity as a creation of God, and live an authentic life true to my beliefs.

Furthermore, the combination of my personal worldview and Watson’s Theory of Human Caring instills a sense of fulfillment and determination in my nursing career. I am not only satisfied with my chosen profession but also driven to bring about positive changes in my community. Through ongoing education and experience, I intend to bridge the gap between my beliefs and societal expectations, making informed decisions that enhance patient care.


In conclusion, my personal worldview, rooted in Christianity, significantly shapes my philosophy of nursing practice. The Theory of Human Caring by Jean Watson aligns seamlessly with my Christian beliefs, emphasizing the importance of compassion, empathy, and respect in nursing care. These two elements, my worldview, and Watson’s theory, provide a solid foundation for my current and future nursing practice, enabling me to make ethical decisions, maintain patient-centered care, and strive for continuous improvement in my role as a nurse. As I continue on my nursing journey, I am confident that this combination will empower me to make a positive impact in the field of healthcare and serve others with unwavering dedication and compassion.

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