Self-Reflection on Leadership Essay Example in Nursing

Self-Reflection on Leadership Essay Example in NursingSelf-Reflection on Leadership Essay Assignment Brief

Assignment Title: Self-Reflection on Leadership and Self-Awareness in Nursing

Assignment Type: Essay

Assignment Instructions Overview

In this assignment, you will explore the concept of self-reflection on leadership within the context of nursing. You will conduct a series of self-assessments to gain deeper insights into your own strengths, weaknesses, values, and emotional intelligence. By doing so, you will be better equipped to develop your leadership skills as a nurse. This assignment not only encourages self-awareness but also guides you in connecting these insights to your philosophy of care and leadership style. Additionally, you will consider how these reflections can be practically applied within a healthcare organization setting.

The Student’s Role in Self-Reflection on Leadership Essay Assignment:

As a student, your role in this assignment involves the following steps:

Self-Assessment: Select and complete three self-assessments from the list provided in the assignment description. Ensure you document the results of each assessment for later reflection.

Self-Reflection Essay: Write a 750-1,000-word reflective essay that addresses the following key points:

    1. Briefly summarize why you chose each self-assessment and elaborate on the results you obtained from each assessment.
    2. Identify the leadership style that closely aligns with your philosophy of care and elaborates on what appeals to you about that style.
    3. Reflect on how you might incorporate elements of that particular leadership style as you exercise leadership in a practice or healthcare organization setting.
    4. Discuss any specific areas for improvement that the assessments helped you identify and outline steps for enhancing your leadership capabilities.


Self-awareness is a vital attribute for healthcare professionals, particularly nurse leaders. It involves introspection and understanding one’s own strengths, weaknesses, values, and emotional intelligence. In this reflective essay, I will discuss my experiences with three self-assessments: Values Assessment, Learning Styles Assessment, and Personality Assessment. Additionally, I will explore my leadership style, its alignment with my philosophy of care, and how I plan to incorporate it into my role as a nurse leader. Furthermore, I will address areas for improvement identified through these assessments and outline steps for enhancing my leadership capabilities.


I chose three self-assessments to gain a comprehensive understanding of myself as a nurse leader. The selection of three distinct self-assessments was instrumental in gaining a holistic understanding of myself as a nurse leader. The Values Assessment provided insights into my core values and beliefs, shedding light on what drives my decisions and actions. The Learning Styles Assessment provided valuable insights into how I best acquire knowledge and adapt to new information, enabling me to harness my learning preferences effectively. Lastly, the Personality Assessment unveiled my personality type as ENFJ-A, often referred to as the Protagonist personality type, emphasizing my sociable and empathetic nature and helping me comprehend how I interact with others in various contexts.

Leadership Style

My philosophy of care aligns closely with the caregiving leadership style. Caregiving leadership emphasizes empathy, understanding, and a genuine concern for others’ well-being (Patrice, 2017). As a nurse leader, I appreciate the importance of connecting with my team, listening to their needs, and fostering a collaborative environment. This leadership style resonates with me as it promotes patient-centered care and creates a supportive work culture.

Incorporating Caregiving Leadership

In my capacity as the chair of the Patient Experience Committee, I am presented with a unique opportunity to incorporate caregiving leadership into practice. Our primary objective revolves around enhancing patient safety and fostering effective teamwork. The cornerstone of effective teamwork is open communication and collaboration among healthcare professionals (Blaser, 2017). To seamlessly integrate caregiving leadership, I will proactively prioritize active listening, encourage open dialogue, and ensure that every member of the team feels valued and heard. By involving patients in their care and promoting seamless communication among the care team, we aspire to elevate patient satisfaction and achieve improved clinical outcomes.

Areas for Improvement

The self-assessments have been invaluable in highlighting areas for improvement in my leadership capabilities. One salient aspect is the need for more effective emotional management when making decisions. While empathy is undeniably a strength, it is imperative to ensure that my decisions are equitable and impartial, considering the needs of the entire team. Additionally, I recognize the importance of striking a balance between my innate passion for helping others and the objectivity that is pivotal for effective leadership. I aim to cultivate this equilibrium to ensure that my leadership remains fair, efficient, and inclusive.


In conclusion, self-awareness is a continuous journey essential for effective nursing leadership. Understanding one’s values, learning style, and personality type can provide valuable insights. Aligning my caregiving leadership style with my philosophy of care allows me to prioritize patient-centeredness and teamwork. By addressing areas for improvement and learning from both personal experiences and the experiences of others, I can enhance my leadership capabilities. Ultimately, nursing leadership plays a crucial role in delivering high-quality patient care and maintaining a harmonious work environment, emphasizing the importance of self-reflection and growth in this profession.

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