NURS FPX 6025 Practicum and Scholarly Article Assignment Example

NURS FPX 6025 Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly ArticleNURS FPX 6025 Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly Article

NURS FPX 6025 Practicum and Scholarly Article Assignment Brief

Course: NURS FPX 6025 MSN Practicum

Assignment Title: Assessment 3 Practicum and Scholarly Article

Assignment Instructions Overview:

In this assignment, you will undertake a reflective analysis of the vital role nurses play in addressing the healthcare needs of a specific population group. Drawing insights from a scholarly article and reflecting on your practicum experience, you will explore challenges, strategies, accomplishments, and lessons learned in providing care to this population.

Understanding Assignment Objectives:

The primary objective of this assignment is to enhance your understanding of the complexities involved in nursing practice, particularly concerning specific patient populations. By critically analyzing a scholarly article related to the healthcare needs of the chosen population, you will gain insights into evidence-based practices and challenges in care delivery. Additionally, reflecting on your practicum experience will allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering professional growth and competency in nursing practice.

The Student’s Role:

As a student undertaking this assignment, your role is to engage in a reflective analysis of nursing practice concerning a specific patient population. You will:

  • Conduct a thorough review and summary of a peer-reviewed scholarly article relevant to the healthcare needs of the chosen population.
  • Reflect on your practicum experience, highlighting accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned in providing care to this population.
  • Discuss the implications of the scholarly article findings on nursing practice and how they align with or diverge from your practicum experience.
  • Offer insights and recommendations for improving nursing practice and patient outcomes within the context of caring for the chosen population.
  • Present your analysis in a coherent, well-structured manner, adhering to academic writing standards and citing relevant literature to support your arguments.

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NURS FPX 6025 Practicum and Scholarly Article Assignment Example


This paper offers a reflective analysis of the critical role nurses play in addressing the healthcare needs of overweight autistic teenagers, drawing insights from peer-reviewed articles. Specifically, it explores a systematic review by Curtin et al. (2020) on weight management challenges in autistic children and reflects on the practicum experience in caring for this unique population. Through discussions with peers and personal reflections, the paper highlights accomplishments, challenges, and strategies for improving healthcare outcomes for overweight autistic teenagers.


Nurses play a pivotal role in addressing the complex healthcare needs of various populations, including overweight autistic teenagers. This reflective analysis delves into the challenges and strategies associated with managing weight in autistic children, as explored in the systematic review by Curtin et al. (2020). Additionally, it reflects on the practicum experience, discussing accomplishments, challenges, and lessons learned in providing care for this vulnerable group.

Summary of Evidence-Based Journal Articles

Curtin et al. (2020) conducted a systematic review titled “Weight Management in Primary Care for Children with Autism,” which identified key challenges in managing weight among autistic children. The review highlighted factors such as sensory issues, food selectivity, and behavioral challenges, emphasizing the need for tailored interventions. Similarly, studies by Ismail et al. (2020) and Singh & Seo (2021) shed light on eating and nutritional challenges and atypical sensory functions among autistic individuals, respectively.

Discussion on Article with a Peer

Engaging in discussions with colleagues revealed the significance of structured routines and sensory-based strategies in managing weight among autistic teenagers. Integrating these insights into electronic health record (EHR) systems emerged as a practical approach to enhance patient care. Additionally, addressing behavioral challenges through behavior-tracking tools within EHR systems was identified as crucial for tailored interventions.

Reflection on Practicum Experience

The practicum experience provided valuable insights into the healthcare needs of overweight autistic teenagers. Accomplishments included a deeper understanding of their unique needs, leading to the development of targeted interventions and personalized care plans. Challenges, such as limited comprehensive data on this population, necessitated collaborative efforts to improve data collection processes. Active participation in interdisciplinary engagement, data analysis, and EHR implementation marked dedication to professional growth in nurse informatics.


In conclusion, the practicum experience significantly expanded knowledge and skills in nurse informatics while positively impacting the care provided to overweight autistic teenagers. Collaborative efforts, active participation, and the implementation of EHR systems contributed to improved healthcare outcomes for this population. Moving forward, continued dedication to professional growth and specialized knowledge will further enhance healthcare delivery for overweight autistic teenagers.


Curtin, C., Hyman, S. L., Boas, D. D., Hassink, S., Broder-Fingert, S., Ptomey, L. T., Gillette, M. D., Fleming, R. K., Must, A., & Bandini, L. G. (2020). Weight management in primary care for children with Autism: A systematic review. Pediatrics, 145.

Ismail, N. A. S., Ramli, N. S., Hamzaid, N. H., & Hassan, N. I. (2020). Exploring eating and nutritional challenges for children with autism spectrum disorder: Parents’ and special educators’ perceptions. Nutrients, 12(9).

Singh, A., & Seo, H. (2021). Atypical sensory functions and eating behaviors among adults on the autism spectrum: One‐on‐one interviews. Journal of Sensory Studies, 74(34).

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